WE at JDS Architects believe in one thing – creating masterpieces, giving our hearts into every project we do.

Let your home be not a piece of structure where you sleep – let it be a place where you want to go home with, build your family, and spend most of time bonding with the people who are close to your heart, whom you are going to build your dreams with.

We will make your dream home into reality.


Let your hotel be not a thing in the past – let it be a place where your guests want to come home with when they stay in the city, to be their home away from home, be their crib.

We will transform your out-dated hotel into a more modern look where every guest who come by at your hotel will definitely love to book and stay.

Let your office be not a cubicle forever – let it be a place where your creativity runs smoothly all throughout the day, unleashes your productivity no matter what is going on around you.

We will convert your office space into a creative space where you would love to work all day long and never feel tired at all.

Here at JDS Architects, you are our boss, you are the captain of your ship, you are the mastermind of your own plan. We are the doers, we are the ones who will turn your plans into reality. We will make it all happen together with our team of 10 in-house architects, years of experience and a long list of satisfied clients, you will surely love all the things we do!

Your satisfaction is always and will always be our utmost priority. We at JDS Architects will never let any client down,even help you to find the perfect building contractor service provider near Pretoria for that all important project . Whatever the project is, big or small, we will take it with full swing and give all our hearts into it.

We will also take care of  the small detail, such as pest control in Pretoria and tree felling in Pretoria. This normally gets outsourced, but we as a professional team will assist you in finding the best contractor or service provider to get the job done  with the least of trouble from our client’s point of view.If in doubt at all, give us a call and we will assist whenever we can.